Broadband Construction


Today's MSO (Multi-Systems Operator) is delivering products to both residential and commercial customers ranging from digital video, high speed internet and phone, to cellular back-haul, metro-ethernet, and PRI services. If you are in the business of delivering these services, the quality and reliability of your cabled network is of paramount importance. New plant extensions and cable plant maintenance have to be performed with expert execution. Plant outages due to system failures can cost you revenue and customer confidence. You should be confident that the engineering and construction activities performed on your system will deliver high performing results without negatively affecting legacy equipment and existing active customers. You should also be assured that the workforce representing you while performing these services reflects the standards that you have set for your organization.


Capitol Cable Communications enters into every project as a true team partner. We want to exceed your expectations of service delivery in your eyes and the eyes of your service customer. We have a management team of seasoned Cable TV professionals that has successfully delivered large rural and metropolitan projects over the last 30 plus years and are recognized by their peers as experts in the industry. We have the knowledge and resources to understand your project's needs and circumstances, and then assemble a plan and budget to advance your project to successful completion. Our construction and installations crews are NCTA and industry manufacturer trained, and superbly equipped with your system specified tools and test equipment insuring that your project is completed properly in an efficient and timely manner each and every time. Whether your project involves ISP (Inside Plant) or OSP (Outside Plant) installation or construction activity, we have the capability to provide a solution for you. We are currently servicing some of the largest MSO's in the Country!


Our services include:


  • Aerial & Underground Fiber & Coaxial Installation
  • Coaxial Splicing and RF Activation
  • Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing and Testing
  • Plant Extension and Maintenance
  • Turn-key Construction
  • Project Management


  • Project Survey and Design
  • Pre-wire, Post-wire, New-build, and Re-build
  • Commercial Installation and Construction


Back Camera


  • System Walkout, As-built Mapping, Strand mapping, and Make-Ready Survey
  • AutoCAD and FOCUS
  • Fiber Optic and RF Design

Contact us today to see how we can begin to assist your team grow. Our goal is to be your number one reliable source for broadband construction and engineering services - your best connection!