Verizon Center - Washington, DC

Capitol Cable Communications Inc. supported the installation of a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) to enhance cellular carrier services at the Verizon Center in Washington DC. Our responsibilities included the installation of over 300 omni-directional antennas, over 50 directional antennas, over 100 Remote Units (RUs), almost 30,000 feet of single mode fiber optic cable, over 20,000 feet of ½" coaxial cable, five FAP locations including power supplies and additional dedicated electrical circuits, and completing over 1900 fusion splices and 1200 N-connector terminations. Specially trained and certified roping and rigging technicians were employed to hang over 40 large panel antennas from the catwalk structure above the arena floor space. The installed system was designed to ensure continuous cellular service coverage to all areas within the 7 story Sports and Entertainment venue. All work was performed over a several month period without any disruption to the Verizon Center's event schedule.

Lockheed Martin - Annapolis Junction, MD

Capitol Cable Communications Inc. was proudly presented an award from Lockheed Martin for it's outstanding contribution to the Lockheed Martin Cyber Center of Excellence. Capitol Cable Communications's team, working closely with the Lockheed Martin Project Engineers and Managers, installed CAT6 and OM4 fiber-to-the-desk structured cabling distribution, a high definition security camera surveillance system, and designed, installed and programmed 8 separate state of the art audio visual presentation and control systems utilizing Crestron's DigitalMedia 8G+ High Definition platform. The systems installed support a facility of over 56,000 square feet of space, including a seating capacity for over 250 Cyber professionals and 6000 square feet of lab space.


DoD / Fort Meade

Capitol Cable Communications Inc. designed and installed a 38 cabinet data center structured cabling distribution system to support multi-network access and storage servers utilizing 10G, 40G, and 100G technologies. The laser optimized 50/125 micron multi-mode fiber installation equipped with MTP/MPO fiber optic assemblies will enable this data center to adapt to new network technologies for years to come.

Northrop Grumman - Columbia, MD

Capitol Cable Communications Inc. designed and installed a 300 location fiber-to-the-desk structured cabling distribution system to support classified network work stations. All work was performed in an active SCIF environment with little to no disruption to mission activities. These 300 work stations were distributed within a large multi-room building of approximately 50,000 square feet. This project was delivered within budget and ahead of time.


ESI - Hanover, MD

Capitol Cable Communications Inc. designed and installed a multiple network distribution system consisting of over 700 CAT6 and over 300 duplex multi-mode fiber optic cable drops, served from 4 interconnected telecommunications closets. To compliment the installation, High Definition multimedia video and audio presentation systems were installed in 4 conference rooms utilizing the latest control and switching technologies.

Architect of the Capitol - Washington, DC

Capitol Cable Communications Inc. installed a single-mode fiber optic distribution system to support the US Capitol's broadband video network. Eight fiber optic nodes, power supplies, and all cable were installed, terminated and tested for hand-off and integration into the existing network. All work was performed with AOC staff and in strict adherence to the AOC preservation and construction guidelines.

Benham Constructors LLC/SAIC - Aberdeen Proving Grounds C4ISR - Aberdeen, MD

Capitol Cable Communications Inc. installed and commissioned the active and passive equipment for the cable TV distribution system of the new C4ISR 7 building complex. All work was performed and delivered with full compliance and acceptance from the Army Corp of Engineers.


Northrop Grumman Information Assurance Innovation and Cyberspace Solutions Center - Millersville, Maryland

Capitol Cable Communications Inc. designed and installed a multi-network structured cabling system to support a brand new "state of the art" Information Assurance facility. The location consisted of two large project data centers, several SCIF project rooms, as well as employee office and cubical work space areas. There were over 111 miles of CAT6 cable installed and over 46 miles of Multi-Mode fiber strands installed to support several classified and unclassified networks. MTP fiber cable systems were utilized throughout the 3 story complex for floor to floor interconnects, data center SCIF distribution, and fiber-to-the-desk applications. Capitol Cable Communications Inc. continues to support the operations at this facility.

Drug Enforcement Administration Caribbean Division HQ - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Capitol Cable Communications Inc. installed a CAT6, Multi-Mode fiber cable, and Twisted-pair backbone infrastructure to support 6 independent networks distributed from 6 Telecommunication Closets. There were over 1500 CAT6 cable drops and over 20,000 feet of Multi-Mode fiber strands installed and industry certified to complete this project. This was a new construction project where Capitol Cable worked closely with the builder, architect, and systems-furniture installation company to insure that the finished product was a success in both form and function.

Northrop Grumman Mission Systems - Annapolis, Maryland

Capitol Cable Communications Inc. designed and installed a new cabling infrastructure to replace and out-dated phone and computer network system in an occupied and fully functioning campus. The structured cabling project consisted of over 750 CAT5e drops from 7 Telecommunications Rooms interconnected with 12 count Multi-Mode Fiber and twisted pair back-bone. Several methods of cable pathway were installed including inside EMT, aerial supported duct, and underground conduit to complete the campus interconnects. Strict placement and installation methods were adhered to in order to comply with the buildings many SCIF spaces. The project was completed with minimal disruption and no loss in production to the facilities employees and programs. A 25 year Hubbell Mission Critical Warranty was delivered with the project's completion and a 2 year support contract agreement was established.


Drug Enforcement Administration Sterling Data Center Sterling, Virginia

Capitol Cable Communications Inc. installed a Single- Mode and Multi-Mode fiber optic infrastructure to support telephone and data distribution between two large data centers, two main Telco Closets and eleven Server Rooms. As part of our scope we installed over 20,000' of MTP 24 count Multi-Mode Fiber, installed 425 server cabinets, and installed 28 equipment racks and all supporting cable ladder tray. This installation was part of a new construction project in a 60,000 square foot data facility. Capitol Cable Communications Inc. also contracted and coordinated directly with USDOJ/DEA to procure, warehouse, and deliver all material to support the Fiber Optic and CAT6 cabling infrastructure project at this location.

Armed Forces Retirement Home - Washington, DC

Capitol Cable Communications Inc. designed and installed a hybrid fiber optic and copper network distribution system to link RFI transceiver stations for Home Free Systems Inc. This network links collection points that provide coverage for a 272 acre complex. Inside plant and Outside plant distribution methods were incorporated carefully to both protect the historic nature of this property and it's dynamic, 24 hour operations as a medical and residential facility.

Bureau of Labor Statistics - Washington, DC

Capitol Cable Communications Inc. designed and installed a 16 channel CATV Head-end distribution system to support news and information video distribution to key business offices and work areas. The legacy backbone was re-engineered and re-built to facilitate proper integration with a broadband video-over-Ethernet distribution technology. We coordinated carefully and successfully with the BLS technical staff to ensure minimal disruption and optimal results.

Drug Enforcement additional locations

Capitol Cable Communications Inc. designed and installed a complete data and phone network cabling at the following locations:

  • Dallas, Texas - Division Office
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin - District Office
  • Youngstown, Ohio - Residence Office
  • Sterling, Virginia - Data Center
  • Fargo, North Dakota - Residence Office
  • Corpus Christi, Texas - Residence Office
  • Headquarters - Arlington, VA

This work was conducted in support of CSC's integrated customer solutions.


Drug Enforcement Laboratory Network Upgrade Project

At the following locations Capitol Cable Communications Inc. designed and installed a network cabling upgrade including additional network drops, rack and equipment replacement, recertification of existing cable drops, and the installation of a new and independent specialized network:

  • Mid-Atlantic Laboratory - Largo, MD
  • Special Testing Laboratory - Dulles, VA
  • North Central Laboratory - Chicago, IL
  • South Central Laboratory - Dallas, TX
  • Western Laboratory - San Francisco, CA
  • Southwest Laboratory - Vista, CA

This work was conducted in support of CSC's integrated customer solutions.