SCIF Environment

scifOne of the more challenging projects facing the customer operating with classified programs is the design, construction, and accreditation of a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) space. Of the many construction elements with enhanced requirements such as wall construction, access control and physical security layout, the telecommunications cabling is most certainly at the top of the list in sensitivity. Elements of this cabling will at times contain and protect the very asset that is considered classified. The design of the cabling system and execution of its installation are subject to rules and guidelines that are highly stringent and guarded. A thorough understanding of the requirements and regulations is necessary to perform an installation that will meet the final accreditation review with successful results. Otherwise, delays caused by improper design and material installation could result in large unforeseen costs to repair the installation in order to meet accreditation requirements and, lost revenue as you wait to receive the final approvals to begin your program work.

Capitol Cable Communications Inc. has over 500,000 square feet of successfully completed SCIF space in its resume. We have engineered and designed complex cabling systems that include fiber-to-the desk networks; campus building interconnects utilizing PDS (Protected Distribution Systems), and Audio Visual systems that meet accreditation requirements while performing with the latest control capabilities. Our customers are some of the most recognized and successful in their field and they continue to return to Capitol Cable Communications Inc. for solutions as they grow and expand their operations.

Whether this is your first SCIF space build-out or your one hundredth, Capitol Cable Communications Inc. aims to be your team expert on SCIF structured cabling. We will work with your Security Officer, Facilities Team, and your accrediting authority to design a system that addresses the requirements and installation guidelines and, maximizes the technology capabilities of the installed system. The system design will look at how future expansion will take place as your organization grows and expands and allow for additions to the cabling systems (both classified and unclassified) without negatively impacting the security requirements of your SCIF space or causing significant disruption to your active SCIF space while additions are made.

Capitol Cable Communications Inc has key industry partnerships with major equipment manufacturers and is able to put together solutions to fit any challenging environment that a SCIF location may present. We are members of the Industrial Security Awareness Council of Maryland and participate in regular training specifically design to keep our unique industry aware of the latest challenges facing the SCIF building industry and operators. Our technicians are regularly trained on the most advanced installation equipment and practices by both our manufacturer partners and BICSI, and our design staff includes BCSI RCDDs (Registered Communications Distribution Designers) that have over 10 years of successful SCIF structured cabling systems installation experience.

You can feel confident when you select Capitol Cable Communications Inc. for your next SCIF cabling project. Contact us today to schedule a meeting or learn more.